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Wed, Mar 25, 2020 4:00 PM

Email notification

I am no longer getting a notification that shows a new email has been received.  When I was on a website and an email came in, a box would slide from the bottom right hand side of the page and tell me that an email just came in and who it was from.  This is no longer happening.  I have enabled pop-ups and it still is not working.  Any sugguestions?





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1 y ago

How are you accessing your email?  The webmail interface has no provision for alerts on incoming messages.  So it must be coming from whatever mail app or desktop client you are using.




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9 m ago

I agree even though there has been no update to the Xfinity Connect App on iOS I’ve had the same issue for the last two weeks where I don’t get email notifications or the red number icon but when I launch the app all the new unread email loads into my inbox.
I’ve tried disabling and enabling notifications via settings but did not fix the issue.

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