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Wed, Jul 21, 2021 2:12 AM

Email deleting Trash

My outlook is set to not auto archive so the Trash does not permanently delete unless I choose to delete it.  This has worked for years on other providers.  Xfinity is permanently deleting Trash after 30 days even out of my Outlook files on my hard drive.  How do I stop it from deleting email off of my hard drive?



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2 m ago

Unless you are using POP3, Comcast has no control over your local settings. If you are using IMAP, then your mail is basically a copy of what is kept on Comcast's servers, and they synchronize. Comcast appears to be set to empty trash after 30 days. I looked in the settings through the webmail interface, and don't see anywhere to change expiration times.


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2 m ago

@Latoque has posted that messages in the Spam folder are retained for 7 days or 2,000 messages, whichever comes first, and messages in the Trash folder are retained for 14 days or 5,000 messages, whichever comes first. Messages in all other folders are kept indefinitely. Users cannot change the time and count limits.

Messages deleted from Trash can be accessed using Recover Deleted Items for 30 days. See https://www.xfinity.com/support/internet/set-email-deletion-settings/ and https://connect.xfinity.com/appsuite/apps/faq/index.html#recoverEmail.




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2 m ago

The default for Comcast is to delete messages from Trash after14 days, and then drop them into the recovery folder.  They stay there another 30 days and are then permanently deleted.  So if the account is set up in Outlook using IMAP, that will explain what you are seeing because everything is synced.  I don't have  Outlook, but I do have Thunderbird, and I can go into the settings and change what happens when I delete an email.  Instead of the Trash folder, I can set it to any other folder I want.  So the default deletion from Comcast  would have no effect on that other folder.  I assume you have the same capability in the settings for Outlook?

OR-----you could just move emails to another folder instead of deleting them. 

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