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Thu, Sep 10, 2020 12:00 PM

Email about copyright infringement

I have received an email about a company copyright infringment claim. This is the first time I ever recieved one. My daughter started an online school recently. She had to turn off pop up blocker for her geography class homework website. She found that there were ads and popped torrenting. She checked her computer and took care of the problem. She also made sure it will not repeat. We are lawful people and have no intention to violate any copyrights. Thank you.


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8 m ago

Don’t worry you’d have to do a lot more to affect your service

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2 m ago

Does Comcast/Xfinity still get these DMCA takedown notices from copyright trolls? And do the trolls subpoena to release personal information? What is generally the outcome of these situations? The search results on this forum show many threads on this topic but unfortunately they are all "archived" and not viewable.

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