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Sun, Dec 12, 2021 6:09 AM


[Edited: "Inflammatory"]

Pay $300 a month for this service [Edited: "Inflammatory"]. Sent email telling me I qualify for XFI Pods then link says I’m not and tells me they are $119. Time to report them to the BBB and drop this service. Traveling most the time so why bother paying so much for lousy service and false info? My rented WIFI modem doesn’t cover my whole house regardless of where I put it so could probably use the pods but no way I’m buying them after they send me an email telling me I qualify for them. I’m a Diamond rewards member but the rewards are nothing I would ever want. Why not reward my years of loyalty with something that works?



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8 m ago

😩 This is not the complaint department  .  I'm sorry that you're feeling 

unappreciated  , but this is a user to user support forum .    I was looking for questions that I may be able to answer , that's how I found your post ( rant ) .

      The category is " internet "  , the topics are " mail , stream & TV  .  What is 

your question  ? 

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