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Fri, Jan 1, 2021 5:00 PM

Certain Websites Timing Out (Sometimes) from My Comcast Connection - Just Me or Other Comcast Users?

Hi All,


I have Xfinity internet service in Colorado Springs, CO, and since September 2020, I've had issues connecting to a few web sites from my home internet connection to web services I provide and host on servers located across the United States.


The sites sometimes load fine, but other times, the connection times out.  I've looked, and the server is not blocking the connection or interfering with my home connection in any manner.  I even contacted the ISPs for my servers, and they too don't see anything wrong on their end. 


The sites I am unable to reliably load are:





Here are some WinMTR logs showing how the traffic is routed to these sites:




When using a VPN from my home connection, the sites always load for me without any issues.  Is this a routing issue on Xfinity's end, or what else could it be?


Is anyone else with a Xfinity internet connection having problems loading the above sites?  You may need to try them or do a hard refresh in your browser (CTRL + F5) every few minutes or so to see if they time out or load properly reliably. 


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