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Sat, Sep 19, 2020 7:00 PM

Cannot Add a Secondary Email Account on Mac

I have had 2 email accounts for years. Primary and secondary. Last week the secondary wouldnt accept my password.  I have gone thru steps: Add User, select Viewer, filled in new user and password then put in settings info identical to my primary . It tells me I have created a new profile. I have Outlook for Mac on my laptop. I went into set up a New Account after entering everything it says that  authentication failed and check my settings. I then went into Xfinity Mail and filled all info but error msg is that auto config failed, I try manual and received the same message. Over the next few hours I : removed the new user account repeatedly, created numerous new passwords but I repeatedly received the warning that the incoming server failed because of invalid credentials. I checked port numbers: my primary is 995, auto config used 993 so I tried changing that as well, I ticked boxes for SSL security. My Outlook account is  POP,. When I tried to auto config in Outlook it showed only IMAP as Server Type, no selection offered for POP and server name was I tried changing the server type to same as primary. Same warning. Ive restarted app as well as my laptopThe issue is with xfinity as though it says a profile was created I cannot add the new account in Xfin mail. In the past I would set up my users then could go right away to Outlook and add both accounts right away. I'm on a macbook Pro running Catalina 10.15.5 I would welcome any assistance. I'm running out of steam.

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