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Mon, Dec 7, 2020 3:00 PM

Accidentally moved emails to spam

Several emails were moved inadvertently from my inbox to spam last week. I’ve had trouble getting many emails since. We’ve received letters in the mail that emails from certain senders have been flagged as spam and we need to mark them as not spam so that we can receive the emails in the future. However the emails aren’t even making it to my spam folder. The emails that were inadvertently moved to spam were moved back to the inbox shortly after discovering the mistake last week, and I’ve marked the senders and domains of this emails to not ever be blocked, but I’m not confident that fixed the problem.
Also, I’ve disabled the spam filter, but I’m not confident that has solved the issue either since email volume has not been the same since last week. Searching for a fix for this. Seems odd that one inadvertent move to spam would cause the inability to ever see emails from certain senders.


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