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Sat, Oct 31, 2020 7:00 PM

Absurd amount of Email Spam

When it comes to email spam. It usually comes from a few sources. Which are easy enough to filter out then they try a new one a few days later. Recently though and this one is rather insidious cause no matter how many filter methods I've tried to date and I've tried a lot nothing seems to work. I'd load up a video game  play for like 6 hours log out. Check my email then see like 12 Emails to my secondary email. And I have no idea how they got it. I checked my computer Malware, Virus it's clean. That's the most recent set of email spam that I've been getting. Not sure what it is or how they got my email. I just want it gone.


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8 m ago

Same spam here.  I had a two week run of these a few months ago, then it stopped.  But a couple of days ago, the spam returned.  About 10 per day.  I too would like to know how to filter it out.

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