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Wed, May 12, 2021 6:23 PM


Delete multiple contacts in Address Book

Using the website connect.xfinity.com, and looking at my Address Book, if I select more than one contact, the delete button is disabled. I can delete individual entries one at a time. However, to delete 45 entries, I can't pick all 45 at once. 

After 3 days of calling into Xfinity Support and speaking to various techs, I finally was told that this is how the address book is designed. When I asked why customers are not allowed to delete more than one contact, I was told it is a safety and convenience feature to ensure customers don't delete addresses by accident. 

I asked if there is anyway to not be provided that convenience and I was told no. I asked to have the suggestion submitted that customer be provided the convenience of being allowed to delete multiple contacts rather than the convenience of a safety feature they did not ask for. I think I was dismissed.

Does anyone know a practical reason why we would be denied this convenience? Also, how do I submit this RFE and have it taken seriously?




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1 y ago

It really is a safety feature.  However, if you want more control use a third party email client; there are plenty of free email clients for both Mac and PC, along with native clients that come with your computer.



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If I can delete multiple contacts using a 3rd party app, then how is it a safety feature to deny me that ability on the website?

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