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Xfinity Mobile [Edited] My Account and Cannot Seem to Fix It - Going on for Over a Month Now!!!!!

This is truly frustrating, and has taken up more than 20 hours of my personal time trying to get this fixed. But, XFINITY MOBILE CANNOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO FIX THEIR ERRORS AND GET MY ACCOUNT CORRECT! Brief Rundown listed below:

1) I ordered an Apple Watch on October 27th 

2) The watch was lost during shipping - Never received by me

3) I called Xfinity Mobile and spent 2 hours on the phone trying to get them to correct this - Got the runaround for over 2 hours with customer care and eventually just hung up out of frustration

4) I called FedEx myself and started the claim for the lost watch - FedEx acknowledged that the watch was in fact lost, but said that Xfinity Mobile had to file a claim since they were the shipper of the product (This is what I was trying to get Xfinity Mobile to do for me when I spent over 2 hours of my own time on the phone with them prior to contacting FedEx myself)

5) Called Xfinity Mobile again and gave it another shot at trying to explain to them what had happened with their order - Got the runaround AGAIN! (More lost time)

6) Waited a week or so, and then called Xfinity again - Finally got hold of a person that opened a case and said that Xfinity would research the issue (Spent more of my own time)

7) After about a week, I received an email from Xfinity Mobile stating that the watch was lost during shipping (What a shock..... I would have never known that) - Was advised that my initial payment would be refunded, and that I would not have to do anything else to get this fixed (Was told to place an order for a replacement watch)

8) I tried to go online and order another watch to replace the lost order - Could not order the watch, because it said I could not use the promotion that I used during the first order, since the promotion code was already claimed by me (More lost time and FRUSTRATION!)

9) Finally decided to go into a local Xfinity store to get help - Bought a watch at the store, and was advised by the salesperson, that he placed a notation on my account to give me the $150 promo credit for the lost watch, since I could not use the promo code again (I was fairly content at this point, but had to spend more of my time AGAIN!)

10) Noticed that the first watch, which was lost during shipping was still on my account, and I was being charged for it (VERY ANGRY AT THIS POINT)

11) I called Xfinity Mobile AGAIN - Was told by a customer service rep, that they would open a case to get it removed, and to also get the $150 promo credit applied to my new watch (I felt skeptical at this point, but was content - MORE TIME INVESTED!)

12) After a week or so, I realized that the original watch payment had still not been credited to my account, the lost watch was still on my account (The new watch was there too!), I was still being charged for the first watch and my promo credit was still not applied - (NEEDLESS TO SAY, I WAS FUMING AT THIS POINT)

13) Called Xfinity Mobile AGAIN!!!!!! - Spent 3 hours on the phone with multiple different departments and people, but still have not been able to find anyone that can fix this (I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A VERY LOYAL XFINITY CUSTOMER, AND AN XFINITY MOBILE CUSTOMER RECENTLY. BUT, I HAVE CHANGED MY STANCE ON THAT AS A RESULT OF THIS ONGOING ISSUE)


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3 months ago

Update to my original post from yesterday. I sent an email to Thomas Karinshak, Chief Customer Experience Officer of Comcast. Let's see if I get any kind of response, or help, going this route. I'm skeptical at this point, for obvious reasons. I'll update if there is any change. Next step will be to file a complaint through the Better Business Bureau, which will likely be a huge waste of time. But, at this point, I've already wasted a ton of time. Definitely should not be this difficult to get a provider related issue fixed. Getting bounced around from overseas call center, to over seas call center, is exhausting. Nobody seems to want to help. They all want to transfer to another person that will "Supposedly help". 

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