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Why is my FREE phone not free?!?!

When I switched to xfinity I was told I would get a free phone. I was told the only free phone available was the iPhone se3. I did not realize how bad of a device it was and how much I would hate it. Since I was told it was free I assumed after two years of use you would let me switch off of it to a new phone with xfinity. When I went to the store I was told that xfinity is still in process of crediting and paying for the phone and if I want to change it I would have to finish paying it myself or give them the phone back. At the same time I was told If I wait til the payments are done then it will be free to me and I would be able to keep it as well. If it will be free if I wait why can it not be paid off now by xfinity so that I can get a new phone that I would be paying through xfinity?! If I broke the phone would I then be charged the price for the FREE phone and be made to pay for an unusable device to get a new one? Other mobile providers don't do this and when I received a free phone it was free from that day I wasn't forced to use it for 2 years before upgrading. 

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@user_jx8967 You should have read your terms before signing the contract. The phone is free, meaning Xfinity Mobile applies device credits to your account each month for 2 years. Then you own the phone outright. If you break those terms, then yes, you owe the remaining balance due. And ALL carriers do the same when they offer you a free phone. With bill credits. Or there are other stipulations like a termination fee. I'd like to know what carrier you claim will give you a free phone outright with no strings attached.


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20 days ago


user_jx8967, Hi there! Thanks for spending time out of your day to contact XFINITY over our forums page for help with the free inquiry. @DreamSayerZ did great job in addressing why the free phone would not be free if you were to break the terms. Do you have any additional questions or concerns that I can help with today?


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