Monday, July 8th, 2024 10:00 PM

Why can't I just pick up my iPad at a Fedex location?

I barely even agreed to sign up for the iPad, and it's already become more hassle than it's worth. They've attempted delivery once, but because of anti-consumer rules, there is supposedly no possible way I can have it held at ANY Fedex location for me to pick up tonight, or tomorrow afternoon. They finally agreed to redeliver the iPad at 6pm tomorrow, but that isn't what I wanted (no, that isn't permission to cancel the delivery, but I want everyone who sees this to know how inconvenient this is). I wanted to pick it up after I get out of work instead of having to remember to get home before 6 and wait for a knock on my door. What if the Postmaster mandatories me and I have to stay late and then rush home? What if I miss the second attempt and that forces me to reschedule? Will they continue to reattempt delivery until I AM home, as opposed to just holding it somewhere for me to pick it up at my own convenience, and theirs? And now, if I go see my girlfriend tomorrow, I can't do that until after I've received the order. Great.

Lucky I'm no longer a part-timer, forced to work 6 days a week, driving back and forth 45 minutes each way to and from Owosso, working until 5 or later, Probably not getting home until 6 or so, possibly waiting until next Sunday to catch the delivery driver. IF Fedex redelivers things on Sundays.

You're perfectly willing to try to upsell me on things, but not willing to work with me to get them at my convenience. I'M paying for it. If I cancel, I'm on the hook to pay the rest. So by all intents and purposes the iPad is mine, and I should be able to arrange to pick it up at a Fedex location if I so choose. Isn't there insurance for these sorts of situations?

This isn't reassuring me that being forced to switch from Wow to Xfinity will go off without (another) hitch. This new internet better be SUPER reliable.

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14 days ago

Hello @Limn42, Thanks so much for taking a moment out of your day to leave a post on our community forum. So to clarify we do partner with Fedex to get you your equipment and devices but we by no means have a say on how Fedex handles your package. If they are going off the federal consumer rule then that would be federal regulations and out of our control. I'm sorry this is an inconvenience to you but glad they are going to reattempt deliverying it to you. Please let us know if you don't receive it, we are always happy to help. 

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