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When will xfinity support Family Setup for Apple Watch?

I haven't seen an official answer on this anywhere (maybe I missed it), but hoping someone from xfinity Product and/or Leadership can indicate when they plan to support this functionality? I'm looking to add another watch for my child, but may switch providers if this won't be supported.

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1 month ago

Hey there, @Leis0509! Thanks for creating a post regarding your Family Setup for Apple Watches concern. Doing a bit of research, I see here that this feature is not currently supported by Xfinity Mobile. However, I also found this post and work around which seems to work for multiple customers! Please take a close look through everyone's responses, and let me know if this helps :)

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Thanks, @XfinitySara - I appreciate the response. I saw the same work around, but would prefer to not have to jump through additional hoops to take advantage of this offering from Xfinity. Part of the the value prop that Xfinity offers is the ability to have my internet and mobile services bundled together and I'd prefer to not have to jump through additional hoops to meet the needs of my family. Is this on the roadmap for the Mobile Product team and, if so, is there an expected delivery date?

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Thank you Leis0509, that is totally understandable, we would never want you to have to go through any hurdles. Unfortunately, we do not have any timeline regarding that feature or an idea if it might be supported in the future. Your satisfaction and confidence is always paramount for us offering the most complete entertainment solutions possible. Greatly appreciate all of your time and patience. 

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