Thursday, December 7th, 2023 4:42 PM

Trade in credit?????

I signed up for your promo back in September of 2023 to upgrade my phone to new iPhone 15 pro and receive $700 worth of bill credits for a trade in device.  I sent in my iPhone 11 using the prepaid label you provided.  Tracking shows it was delivered on 9/27 and I received email from you guys saying you received it and that it was in good condition and I will be receiving the $700 trade in credits.  It’s now over 2 months later and still no credits!!!!

I have called at least 9 times to customer service for an answer to where my credits are.  Each time I am told another lie and that it’s been resolved and I would be refunded for the 2 months of missed credits and yet nothing.  A case or claims was finally opened up over 3 weeks ago to find out what’s going on with the missing credits and still no answer.  

every time I call for update on the case/claim I am told more lies that it’s been resolved and that I will get an email stating I’ll get the credits and still nothing!!!! Tired of the lies.  Where are my credits?????? You took my iPhone 11 and 2 months later have given me nothing!!! 

can’t get a hold of a US manager keep getting routed to some foreign country representative who I can’t understand what they are saying and they just lie.  

this has to be the worst customer service I ever experienced.  I have recorded all the calls.  I am going to initiate legal action now 

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