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Blocking spam emails

Does Ixfinity mobile offer spam blocking 

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1 month ago

@user_72dhnb Yes, Xfinity Mobile includes call filtering. Those calls will show up on your screen as Potential Spam. Xfinity email also filters spam email, and will put in your Spam folder. If one does get by to your inbox, you can mark it as spam.

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1 month ago

@user_72dhnb Hi there! Thanks for reaching out to us on our forums for help with blocking spam. If you use a comcast.net email address you can enable a spam filter and set up specific filters as needed to help keep your inbox clear!  

To help keep your calls clear on Xfinity mobile you can register your number with the National Do Not Call registry and block numbers that you know to be spam. Xfinity mobile automatically filters calls and screens them as potential spam to alert you that it may be an unwanted call. The filtering works great with my Pixel 8, since the phone also provides the option to screen the call!
@DreamSayerZ Thanks for your input on this post! Perfect details! 

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