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Sat, Mar 7, 2020 4:00 PM

Xfinity Home Security - Wireless Keypad Blinks

Starting the week of 3/2/20, I noticed on my wireless keypad that the lock button blinks amber/yellow when checking status of the system. The other devices say all sensors clear (green), ready to arm. I called tech support and was told it might be because of a recent software update to the home security. I restarted the main system and the problem still exists. I can still arm and disarm the system using the wireless keyboard. Wondering if anybody else is having the same issue.


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1 y ago

NaturalHaus -

Based on your description, it sounds like you might have the SMC model keypad. I have two of them in my home and just tested them, and they are not displaying the issue - but your setup / firmware might be a little different than mine.

I would suggest trying to reset the Touchscreen and/or Keypad to see if that synchs things back up. It's also possible that your Keypad Batteries might be nearing time for replacement if it's been awhile.

First, try resetting your Touchscreen, as that's a little easier. To do so, log in to the Xfinity My Account App (download it from your App Store if you don't already have it) and go to the Xfinity Home section of the menu. Next - select your Touchscreen, Troubleshoot, and then Restart Touchscreen. Wait for the system to fully restart and check the status on your keypad again.

If that doesn't cause the status light to flash green, reset the Keypad by removing the batteries for 30 seconds and then put them back in (use fresh batteries if it's been a long time since they've been replaced). If you have the SMC Model, this article may be helpful:

Let us know if that works!

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1 y ago

Yes, I have an SMC model keypad.  First off I want to thank you for your detailed message and the link on how to replace the batteries. 


I went ahead and put in fresh CR2 batteries (waiting at least 1 minute after I took out the old ones out) since it's been awhile, however, the amber/yellow blinking light still shows up when pressing the unlock icon button on the wireless keypad which I've never seen before.  I went ahead and restarted the main home security unit as well.  


I will tell you that the amber/blinking light issue comes up only after the system has been unarmed for awhile.  When I arm the system with the keypad and then return home and disarm the system with the keypad,  the unlock icon button does show green.  If I awhile, lets say at least 10 minutes, and decide to check the status of my unarmed system by pressing the unlock icon button, it blinks amber/yellow.   Now this is different for me but if I press the " * " (star) button to the right of the unlock icon button,  the unlock icon button turns green.


I think I'm good and will not require Xfinity service to come out and look at it.  It might be a firmware update that was recently done which prompts me now to press the  " * " (star) button instead of the unlock icon button to check the status.  I will monitor it and see what happens.


I appreciate your help. 

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