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Thu, Jan 16, 2020 11:00 PM

Xfinity Home integration with Apple Homekit and Connected Home over IP Project

My household is going to move from AT&T U-Verse over to Xfinity services and we'll have the Xfinity Home security installed at the same time.  However, our household is all Apple products and we'd like to have our new services integrated into the Apple HomeKit platform.  But the lack of Comcast/Xfinity support for the HomeKit platform has created second thoughts for us.

When will Comcast/Xfinity be integrating the Apple HomeKit platform (and Apple Watch capbilities) into their Home security services?

I've read the other posts on this topic, with very little real information from Comcast/Xfinity that addressses the real concerns of homeowners, supporting the infrastructure that we already have installed throughout our home.

We strongly urge Comcast/Xfinity to invest their support to the Connected Home over IP project that is centered around Google, Amazon and Apple joining forces to create a new standard for communicating with smart home devices.  And, maybe Comcast/Xfinity could step ahead of their competition by working to be the first in their industry to offer this solution to their customers.



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2 y ago

Nothing has ever been announced, I wouldn’t count on it.

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2 y ago

Yes, I'm aware that nothing has been announced by Comcast/Xfinity after searching for any information on this, that is why I posted this on their forum.

As for not counting on it, they are going to have to make a strategic choice if they want to retain their customers as the Connected Home over IP Project moves forward and more partners join the effort.  The solution probably won't be delevered as soon as I'd like, but it is the solution I need.  It represents the "platform/solution" that homeowners (and renters) will be demanding from all of the hardware providers trying to sell into the "connected home" philosophy.

All the different providers – software, hardware and/or services – cannot expect customers to be limited into their respective technology offerings, especially with the growth and evolution of technologies and products.  

I am going to count on it, or I'll switch to a provider that can address my needs.  And I will continue to let Comcast/Xfinity know of what I expect them to provide to me, soon.

I don't subscribe to the "don't count on it" attitude.  These forums should be a voice of the customers to ask questions, get answers and to raise issues so that Comcast/Xinity can accurately be aware of those issues that are of concern to their customers.  If they choose to disregard addressing the issues, we can just move on to a provider that will deliver the services we need.

Providers like Comcast/Xfinity, AT&T, Charter, etc. are struggling with the competition from streaming services and we'll see them searching for differentiation from their competition or suffer from being labeled and pigeon-holed into being a commodity in their industry.

I'd like to think of Comcast/Xfinity as being more immaginitive, creative and a leader in their offerings to customers.




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2 y ago

It's always a bad, bad idea to integrate your home security system with an internet facing subsytem, even something as famously secure as Apple's.


If it's exposed to the internet, it can be hacked, and the more points of access, the easier the hacks will be. 


Don't beleve me? Ask the Amazon Ring doorbell customers currently suing over the hacking of their home security systems. 

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