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Thursday, November 16th, 2023 3:20 PM

XFINITY Doorbell

I currently have a Ring video doorbell that rings about two or three times a week in the middle of the night. For that reason, I’m considering removing it and having an XFINITY doorbell installed. I do have an indoor doorbell chime that chimes when the video doorbell is pressed as well as on my iPhone. Does the xfinity doorbell support  the Home security Pro as well as self monitoring?  I do have Home Security. Will it show up on my Touchscreen as well as my iOS apps? Will the video feed show up on my tv and what happens when someone rings the bell while the tv is on? Also, Does it always gives notifications or can I customize when I want motion notifications but be always notified when someone presses the doorbell? I know it’s a lot of questions, but Ive had hummingbirds buzz the Ring as well as other insects and animals that I don’t particularly want notified about when it happens but a video recording would be nice to see later.  I noticed that Ring has a neighborhood page that residents can post helpful information to about lost dogs, people wandering around, etc. Does XFINITY doorbell have something like that?

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19 days ago

Hi Lkpolo - thanks for reaching out. 

I use my Xfinity Video Doorbell all the time.  Here are some answers your questions. 

The Xfinity Video Doorbell is designed to utilize an existing wired chime box.  More specifically, at least a 20VAC transformer with power voltage requirements of 16-24 volts (16VAC-24VAC).  You can also configure alerts on mobile devices.  When someone rings the doorbell and my wife and children are home, it's fun to hear the actual doorbell ring and about 8 mobile devices sound their notifications all at once! 

Yes, it's compatible with both professionally monitored service as well as self-protection service.

Yes, the video Doorbell feed will appear in your list of cameras on the Touchscreen.  It will not appear in the Xfinity Home app, but is designed to work in the Xfinity App (visit the Security page). We suggest you monitor all of your cameras in the Xfinity App as this is where additional camera features are available to you (such as configuring notifications, setting areas of focus for each camera, and viewing a timeline of events).

To minimize unwanted notifications on your mobile devices, you can configure what you'd like to be notified about - such as Doorbell Rings, Deliveries, and People.

If you have X1 service, the Video Doorbell will also prompt a fairly unobtrusive notification in the upper-right corner while watching TV, but only when someone rings the bell. You can press the info button on your remote to see who is at the door - this takes up about the lower third of the screen.  You can turn notifications on and off on each of your TV boxes whenever you'd like, but we don't support rules to notify only at certain times of the day.

If you get a motion notification on your mobile device you can view the event if you have 24/7 Video recording either on your mobile device or on X1... just say "Cameras" into your voice remote and select your Doorbell feed - a live view will come up and you can press the down arrow to review clips.

We don't have a community page for neighborhoods but I love the idea - I'll bring it up to our developers!




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12 days ago

After reading all this I think it’s best to just drill a hole thru an exterior wall and mount my indoor outdoor camera that’s in my family room over the front door trim; plug it in inside the house.   Then order a couple of those newer indoor cameras for the interior of the house. I’m not in a neighborhood but in a rural area. The Ring doorbell we have is okay but it doesn’t compare with the X2 cameras I have already mounted outside. I don’t want disappointed with another video doorbell that only sees the area around a door for people and packages. 


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