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Wednesday, January 18th, 2023 2:45 AM


Xfinity doorbell

Hi. I’m new to the Xfinity doorbell and have a few questions. 

1. Is it normal not to see a recording after an event? I’m seeing the still picture in the notification but no recording.

2. Should I be able to view the doorbell camera on my touchscreen and the Xfinity home app?

3. Are there other rules besides those listed in the Xfinity app and where can they be found? 


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1 year ago

Hi @user_023cb8 -

1. Tapping on a Doorbell notification (which includes a still image) from the Xfinity App will take you to live video, so you can see what's currently happening at your door and initiate 2-way audio if enabled.  You should also see the recorded video underneath the live video stream in the App if you are an Xfinity Self-Protection or Xfinity Pro Protection Plus customer (with 24/7 Recording).

2. The Doorbell live video feed is available on all but the oldest models of Touchscreens.  The video feed is not available in the Xfinity Home app - just the Xfinity app (the Xfinity app is now the recommended app for viewing all cameras, especially with 24/7 Video Recording)

3.  No - the Doorbell is managed through the Xfinity app - so setting Notifications (which can be customized for Deliveries, People, etc), turning sound on or off, and Setting an Area of Interest are done there.  Device linking with supported lights and locks is also done in the Xfinity app - for example, linking a supported lock would allow you to more easily unlock your front door while viewing your Video Doorbell feed after receiving a notification.  Traditional Rules (available in the Xfinity Home app) are not supported with the Xfinity Video Doorbell, xCam2, or xCam3 (Indoor Camera).

Also a quick note that Doorbell notifications and video are available with our X1 and Flex (recently renamed Xumo) TV boxes.

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1 year ago

Welcome to our community forum, @user_023cb8! Thank you for reaching out so we can help with your Xfinity doorbell camera :). I'm so excited that you're giving it a try, it's such an awesome gadget! If you have 24/7 Video Recording enabled, you should see a video clip when your camera senses motion. Is the still picture a thumbnail that you can tap on and view the video clip? 


You should be able to view your camera through the Xfinity app, the X1 platform, and supported touchscreens.


You can check out a bunch of helpful troubleshooting steps and features here

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