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Monday, February 26th, 2024 9:18 PM

Xcam2 use with alternate internet provider

I recently had a an opportunity to get a new security system through my insurance company and dropped the Xfinity home security. The new system did not include cameras. I have been able to continue using the xfinity cameras and viewing them through the xfinity app. However, I am now switching internet providers. I know you can set up the cameras to connect to another wifi connection and I followed the instructions to do that using the new provider wifi connection. However, when I access the xfinity app it displays the camera as offline. I have rebooted both the xfinity gateway and my new provider gateway and no change. I am wondering if viewing the cameras via the xfinity app is only allowed with xfinity internet? Or if there is something I am doing incorrectly?


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5 months ago

@BJVoght Glad you asked! For our Xfinity Home app and system to work you would need our router and service active.

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So you make us buy the camera and when we switch service. We are unable to use that camera, but we can keep it. But then you charge us per box to use for the t. V per month and we can't keep those make it make sense

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I was just told by customer service that since we own the cameras we can set them up to view live without service? I am not able to complete this task but this is what I was just told.

otherwise I think this was a shady way of doing business for sure. This is one reason I may never return to xfinity or its sister companies.

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