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Fri, Jun 10, 2022 1:32 PM

Xcam 2 and other feedback

Currently I have two Xcam 2 cameras outside, a Xcam 1 and a Icamera 2 inside.  I see both the indoors cameras from my touchscreen but not the two newer cameras in preview. The message for those two Xcam 2 is Preview unavailable. Why is this? Is my touchscreen older and and need of updating? I think I’m probably one of those Xfinity customers that had Home Security installed in the first year of launch so I’m not sure if something needs done inside my house or not.

Also, I’m familiar with both the Xfinity app and the Home app.  I prefer to use the Home app most of the time as I’ve found that the view for the cameras is better than the Xfinity app. I would like to be able to set notifications from within the Home app instead of the Xfinity app.  I’m also wondering why I cannot set as a rule in automation notifications for my outdoor cameras within the Home app.  We are retired and it is a nuisance to have notifications at daylight times when we are home, but it would be helpful to have notifications automatically when the system is in Armed Away mode. A response from an Xfinity person would be most helpful. Thank you 

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Hi there! Thank you for reaching out to us here. Since you are asking about the Xfinity Home equipment you have right now we will need to access your account to make sure we are answering your questions properly. Can you initiate a chat and start with your full name and address? To start a chat, you must be signed in. Please click the chat icon in the top right of the page next to the bell, and send your message to "Xfinity Support". Talk to you there!

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