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Mon, Jul 11, 2022 5:27 PM

Video doorbell

I bought a video doorbell online that is not compatible with our doorbell, I need to return the doorbell. No one has been able to give me instructions on how to return this doorbell for the past month. I have tried chat and went into an xfinity store. No one has been able to give me instructions on how or where to return this incompatible doorbell.

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1 m ago

Hello there! Thank you so very much for reaching out to us via our very own community!
We'd be delighted to help out with the process in returning your video doorbell! Depending on how the purchase of the device was made, will ultimately determine how it may need to be returned!
If it was purchased at a retail store or via a delivery agent vendor or website, the equipment must be returned directly there!
Please let us know the method in which the purchase of the equipment was made, and we'd be happy to direct further if it was not in fact at any of the listed above ways! 

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