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Sat, Feb 19, 2022 9:08 AM


Third party security cameras won't connect from previously being connected.

My third party security cameras were previously connected. I lost connection on a couple of them at different times, but each time they failed to connect again. My camera reports a false error of incorrect wifi password. And apparently it's a known thing via their customer support Q&A's. I tried to do what it recommended but it recommended changing settings within my xfinity router and I don't see any similar settings it mentions at all. They need to be on 2.4ghz and I am running dual band. Buy recently I changed my dual signals wifi names to one name like x finity recommends but now I only see one network rather than the two 2.5.ghz And 5. With separate names. I still have one connected camera. Oh and I should mention the one camera was connected fine but I needed to move it to another location of the first camera that failed to reconnect. So I ended up with two disconnected cameras out of three. Basically they are not re pairing and not connecting to my wifi. I've reset my cameras several times. I even tried ethernet connecting since they are capable and that didn't work either. Even though I use wifi mostly I would also like ethernet to be an option at some point. Mainly just because they should be able to. 

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7 m ago

Apologies that you are having these issues on connectivity. The cameras might need some form of firmware upgrade to effectively pair. Have you checked into the existing firmware and any updates out there? I also included a great link here below that would allow you to see our cameras and the other options we have for our Xfinity Home program. https://comca.st/3s2Lb43

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