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Wed, Jun 2, 2021 2:13 AM

Terrible Remote Keypad Functionality

We just had our Security System replaced with all XFINITY hardware. We have had XFINITY Home security since 2017 and the original system was taken over by them. They added the XFINITY security gateway and kept the wired keypads. We have three wired keypads around the house. The issue that we were having was that the wired keypads LED's and the actual alarm status were not keeping sync. (Example: When the alarm was armed the armed LED on all three keypads would not illuminate.)

The Comcast / XFINITY security technician came to the house and indicated that we need to replace the original Honeywell Security system with the XFINITY and replace the keypads. We agreed to the replacement and everything  was changed out. Everything is working fine except the keypads do NOT always provide a visual indication of the security system status.

I have been reading the Security Keypad Quick Start Guide and it appears that the keypad will only display the status when it wakes up. According to the manual  the keypad has a Status LED / Proximity Sensor.  The sensor is suppose to be able to detect the user presence within 6 inches and once detected the keypad will wake up. This does NOT happen and you almost have to touch keypad before it will wake up. I wish that I had known about this limitation before I agreed to have the system replaced.

Does anyone have a solution that will keep the status LED's active all the time?




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I completely agree, mine was just installed as well. Prior to this I could be in bed and glance up at the keypad to make sure my garage doors are closed. Now we have no lights and the status is unknown unless you watch the keypad at the exact time a door opens or activate the proximity sensor. Was this tested by a real engineer in a actual home prior to being produced? Are we trying to save batteries??? Are different keypads available?

 Help!  Any help will be welcome, very disappointed in the keypads.

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