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Sat, Jan 9, 2021 11:00 AM

Some Xfinity Home Touchscreens Can Be Paired via In-Home WiFi

Hello all -


I'm posting this just for general knowledge... at this time this has no impact to the configuration of Xfinity Home for our existing customers.


With the release of our latest Xfinity Home Touchscreen Firmware, certain Touchscreen models in some markets can now be paired to a customer’s in-home WiFi network when a customer-owned modem is in use (or has an Internet provider other than Comcast).


When configured in this manner, this eliminates the need for a separate Netgear WNR1000 Security Router.


At this time, we are only using this configuration on a small number of new installs, and at the discretion of the installing Technician based on several factors.


Some additional information can be found in this article.


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3 m ago

What about the security cameras that also use wifi?  Can those also be connected to your own wifi?  The article does not mention the cameras. I would assume if the point is to use your own wifi access point they must allow the touchscreen and cameras, but I hate to assume.

In my case I have ethernet connections to additional access points in the house.  But those additional access points use my wifi . . . the cameras are still connecting to the Xfinity XB6 which is further away from some of the cameras.  The signal would be stronger coming from those ethernet connected access points using my wifi.

I know, Xfinity has pods that are supposed to extend the Home Security wifi also.  I tried those with no success, even after hours on the phone with support (who in the end told me to just return them, which I did).  Anyway, you cannot beat ethernet connected access points.

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