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Tuesday, January 10th, 2023 11:47 AM


Security system malfunctioned badly

Yesterday at 6:30 pm our security system alarm was activated by motion in the family room. Approximately, 6:10 I open the laundry room door then the garage door and pulled the car out of the garage to warm it up. I walked around the back of the house and came back into the house thru the patio door. The activity on the Home app shows both the laundry room door and the patio door open and close, which is correct.  Approximately five minutes later we exited the house thru the patio door and locked it. The activity shows the door open and close. Within five minutes an alarm was triggered by motion in the family room. We were headed to the hospital ER since we received a call that our son was in the ER. For whatever reason, I never received the monitoring center call but it went to voicemail.  My husband received the call on his cell phone instead. I tried to cancel the alarm but the app on my iPhone was frozen and the alarm just keep ringing away in my house with my poor cat hearing that loud noise. When my husband was on the phone with the monitor center they couldn’t cancel the alarm so we were put thru to Xfinity home technical support where we received a robot that was absolutely no help in the situation.  We keep trying to cancel the alarm from my husband’s phone and it said it timed out. A few minutes later it seemed that he was able to cancel it. When I got to the ER I checked the activity and cameras. NO ONE WAS IN THE HOUSE EXCEPT THE CAT. The activity said that motion in family room trigger alarm at 6:30. Also at 6:30 activity said family room motion detected and cleared. At 6:41 my husband was able to remotely cancel the alarm. The activity also shows that at 6:47 laundry room door opened and closed. That would mean if someone was in my house they would have gone out thru the garage door and had to shut it. The camera over the garage door shows no one exiting the garage. We arrived home at 9:34.   I viewed all my cameras and checked the laundry and patio doors. No one entered or exited our house but myself and my husband last night.  I checked the Xfinity app security tab, clearly your cameras think my 8 pound cat playing on the floor is a person. Earlier in the afternoon, the app shows a car in my family room when I reached for the TV remote. What is this stuff? No doubt in my mind a motion detector and a door sensor malfunctioned. What the heck am I paying for here? Is the problem your software, your sensors or your Wi-Fi signal? When my husband was talking to the monitor center person she said a bad Wi-Fi signal can set off an alarm. Something is wrong here Xfinity. No sure what else I can do here. In the 7 years we’ve had this system this is the second time that the alarm was trigger for motion in the family room just after we left the house. I see no alerts that sensors or batteries are bad. Not sure what I can do at this point. 

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