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Thu, Jan 9, 2020 4:00 PM

Re: Camera pinout diagram

i see five wires coming from the xcam.  what pin number is the copper wire?


1.  white/orange (pin1).

2.  orange (pin 2).

3.  white/green (pin 3).

4.  green (pin 6).

5.  copper wire (pin ?)



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1 y ago

A - w/g  g  w/o  blue  w/blue  o  w/b  b


B - w/o  o  w/g  blue  w/blue  g  w/b  b


Try this out!



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1 y ago

The stranded copper is for grounding.  You will need to use a "shielded" RJ45 connector, if you want to make sure the camera is grounded and protected from any possible electrical surges.


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