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Wed, Sep 1, 2021 7:12 PM

Older Xfinity Home Cameras

I have 3 older xfinity home cameras (two of the flat black ones and one white one).  Once I upgraded to the new X1 router, the installer said your "xfinity home router" (the one where the two black cameras plug into) won't work anymore and he was right nothing works anymore.  I tried re-pairing the white camera and that's not working either.  Xfinity store told me only the Wifi cameras work now and that they don't support the older ones.  Why am I paying $50 a month for a home security system if I can't even have cameras?  I don't have the money to shell out hundreds of dollars for the newer Xfinity Home cameras.  I think I might just go to Ring and drop Xfinity.  Anyone else experience this?


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18 d ago

Hi zamrakwith -

There are Xfinity Home technicians who have special "Y-Cables" that can connect to older cameras (iCameras and the original xCam) and your new Gateway.  They can then follow a process to default your cameras and then pair them up again with your system properly.  Please contact us so we can send out a technician who can assist with this!

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