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Tue, Nov 17, 2020 7:00 PM

No xfinity home subscription

I recently moved into a new home. The past owners left a camera and window/door sensors behind in the home. I called xfinity to make sure that the past owners cancelled there subscription and could no longer view the camera. They told me that the camera was not on and there was no subscription to my address. I also tried to remove the camera but quickly realized it was hardwired and would need a professional to get it out. Well, tonight my son and I walked into our darkened living area and noticed the camera glow red and then quickly turn off. How can this be? Are we being recorded? Is xfinity responsible for removing a former owners equipment? Im very upset by this and has this happened to anyone else?



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Bstaints5 -


The camera would no longer be recording if it is not tied to a paying Xfinity account. It would be the homeowner's responsibility to remove any old equipment.


The camera is still getting power though if you are seeing the LED's light up.  Even when not connected to an account, the camera may switch in to Night Vision mode which lights up two red LED's when it gets dark.


My best advice if you want additional peace of mind is to follow the cord from the camera until you hit a power outlet, and then unplug the camera's Power Adapter. Our cameras do not hardwire in to power, they have a plug just like most electronics - at the very least, there is no reason to be powering the camera if it is not in use.


I hope that helps!

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