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Sat, Jan 25, 2020 10:00 AM

New System; Communication Error Constant

We had a security system with 10 sensors, a motion sensor, and 2 cameras installed 3 days ago. First night we had issues connecting to the cameras from the touchscreen (with it still in the same spot it was in during installation). Starting the next day, we began having issues with 2 of our window sensors saying the batteries needed replacing. I called XFINITY and they said that couldn’t possibly be the case as the system was just installed. They had me take the batteries out and place back in and they reset the touchscreen. The person I spoke to said there should have been LED lights lighting up in the sensors however no lights ever lit up. Anyway, after doing this the system worked fine. Next morning (today) I disarmed my system and a few hours later the touchscreen was beeping and said 9 sensors needed batteries replaced! Then, suddenly I began receiving alerts that multiple doors were opening and closing, even though they weren’t. I called XFINITY and they asked had the touchscreen been moved from its originally installed location, it had been moved from the living room to the master bedroom but the technician had said that’d be no problem. They then had me do the same, remove batteries and re insert. Did that and it fixed the issue with only some of the sensors. I became frustrated and requested then to cancel my service.
My questions are.. why were the LED lights on my sensors not working? Does it matter when moving the touchscreen from one room to another? And finally, if we decide to give them another shot and call them back up this week, would that do away with the 30 day grace period that I’m in for cancellation, seeing as I’ve already cancelled?



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Comcast needs to stay with internet. 


Get a real alarm company, I install many wireless systems like your describing above, the fact that they did not assume the (touchpad or whatever it is) was bad boggles my mind. Typically with that many sensors falsing, 1) the system was installed by someone who had absolutely no clue what they were doing OR 2) the unit that communicates with the sensors is bad, they should have replaced it and tested it again. 



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Duffem1 -


I'm sorry you had that expereince!  It does sound to me like you recieved some potentially bogus information and I wanted to post some detail here for you as well as others who might read this post.


The location of the Touchscreen can actually matter a lot.  It is the central hub for communicating to all of your security sensors.  If it is moved, you risk creating poor communication between the Touchscreen and some of the sensors.  This can also have the effect of draining the sensor's batteries, as they may need to boost up the signal strength as they struggle to communicate.


During installation, the technician will run a diagnostic test to make sure all sensors are in good communication.  If they aren't , they will troubleshoot until all looks good - this sometimes involves moving the Touchscreen to a different location. In rare cases, a Signal Repeater may need to be installed.  Once a good spot is determined, the Touchscreen should not be moved.


Also - our newest sensors do have LED's, but they are only set to turn on during the installation process or while being tested.   It would be nomral to see these sensors not turn their LED's on.  This was done in response to customer feedback on making our sensors blend in more with their home and making them more visually appealing.


Also - rest assured - Xfinity Home is a Professionally Monitored, award winning security system. If things aren't working well - give us a call and we'll work to make it right ASAP.  There are very few situations that we can't resolve.  I do hope you give us another try!

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