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Fri, Jan 14, 2022 5:07 AM


IR lights

There seems to be no way to turn the IR lights off on the cameras. Makes having them in a window obsolete. I seen somewhere that they placed tape over them. I'm gonna try this and hope it all still works correctly. You would think that with todays technology and every other camera available now a days comes with the option that one of the "leaders" in these areas, that this would be an option. I seen someone said they've been waiting for this to happen for 9 years now. I think its time to allow this not only so it can be placed inside but also for would be theifs to not be able to scope out where all my cameras are in order to avoid them. These offer us to catch the dumb ones but how about a smart one? Let's not light up blues and red saying here I am. Not sure how long I'll keep these as long as this is an issue. Can get cheaper ones with an ability to shut the lights off and not be seen.

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