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Wednesday, May 11th, 2022 5:37 AM


Inaccurate billing for equipment NEVER SHIPPED

So I placed an order on December 8, 2021 to have two "Entry kits" shipped which contain one xCam and a smart lock conversion. The installment plan was all set up and good to go. so I thought...

January 16, comes around and I see I am being billed for the equipment and still haven't even received an email that it had been shipped and I really was looking forward to installing, I call customer service. In the middle of the call after bouncing from department to department, a series of tornados hit us in South Florida and I wasn't able to complete the dispute. I call back multiple times days following and again, bounced around. 

I finally get to speak to someone who indeed confirmed the order was never fulfilled and says he is going to remove the equipment from my bill as I had now been paying the installment for equipment I didn't even have. Great. He even said he was going to correct an issue I had with one of my existing cameras and take it off the bill, I said no. I purchased the camera and had no problem paying for it, it is only fair.

The bill comes for the next month and suddenly there is a HUGE increase in One-time charges, I discover the entire balance of the installment (months 3-24) were billed all at once. ON EQUIPMENT I NEVER RECEIVED BECAUSE IT HASN'T BEEN SHIPPED. And the installment is on the bill as well....so I am paying twice, for equipment never sent to me.

All calls to customer service have been ZERO HELP, chats are the same. Even resoluted to contacting Fairshake to resolve the issue, Comcast never responded. NOW THEY INTERRUPTED MY SERVICE, because I refused to pay the equipment charges, I paid the service portion, but I will not pay for the equipment. 

Filed arbitration and intend to seek damages as I have given ample opportunity to have this fixed. I can't get a supervisor to call me back no matter how many requests I have made. I AM LIVID, and Comcast has been the worst experience EVER! I genuinely regret ever iniating service with Comcast. Best part of all, they disconnected my cell phones because they interrupted service for internet...won't even let me transfer my phone numbers over! WORST COMPANY IN AMERICA!



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1 year ago

How do I get in contact with someone that is willing to even look at this issue instead of demanding that I pay and yelling at me that I have an outstanding balance? Yes, there is a balance, the balance is because I refuse to pay the equipment charges of over $300. I keep getting told if I pay $271 I can have service restored...I have paid for what I use, but to be billed for equipment and to request to have it shipped over a dozen times and not receive it, I am not going to pay. It would be one thing if it had been shipped and delivered, but it was never shipped out. I am being punished when I haven't done anything wrong. Makes me feel like it is all because I filed arbitration, but there are multiple reasons I did so. Mainly over the "promotion" gift cards. You advertise one thing, and provide much much less, I have the right to question. $300 was advertised to add mobile, received $100. Never received the promotion of $100 add a line either. So yes, I have the right to question it. Saved advertisers and screen prints for when I added mobile and was told $300, but received $100 card. That just isn't right!

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