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I was given pre-owned Xfinity Home equipment. Am I able to use my Xfinity account on a pre-owned Xfinity Home Touchscreen?

I just bought a house and the previous owner left their Xfinity Home Security equipment for me to own. I was able to link the Cameras to my Xfinity Home app. However, on the Xfinity Home Touchscreen, the previous owner’s account is still showing, and I am unable to logout. Is there a way I can log in with my Xfinity account to the Touchscreen so I can view my cameras on there? I don’t have the Home Security monthly service, but it’s my understanding that this equipment should work without the service. Any help is much appreciated.

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1 month ago

Hello, @CornCobb98. Thanks for posting on our community forums for assistance. Unfortunately, Xfinity Home Touchscreens require an Xfinity Home Security subscription. It would be the only way we can add it to your account and program it to function with our Xfinity App. If you'd like to add Xfinity Home Security, let us know. We can help with the process. 

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