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Friday, April 14th, 2023 6:44 PM

How to remove Xfinity alarm system from house I just bought


We bought a house and it has 3 cameras, door sensors, and a hub in the kitchen. We are looking to get rid of those because we are not interested in Xfinity's security system. They are stuck on the wall and on closing and opening doors it still says things so it is definitely working but says it's not armed. I don't have PIN to stop it and I am not sure how to get rid of it and also remove them from the walls. 

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1 month ago

Hello @user_f8fb2e, and thank you for reaching out about the home security system in your home you wish to remove. The touchscreen which I believe you refer to as the hub can be returned via UPS or dropped off at a service center near you. As for the other equipment, you can remove it at anytime you like from where they are placed. The sensors should just be an easy peel off as they were attached with sticky tape. The camera's may be placed with tape or screws, but they shouldn't be too hard to remove. The equipment is owned by the last customer who purchased it, so now it's technically yours. The only device we need back undamaged is the touchscreen, and if anything else breaks while you remove it we won't charge you for is as we don't need it back at any point. I hope this information helps cover your concern. 

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