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Remove my front and back door locks from my security settings 

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8 months ago

@user_edfd7d Thank you so much for reaching out for help with making those changes to your sensors for your Xfinity home security system. To delete Old Sensors : On your touchscreen, tap the Dashboard icon (four squares).
Tap Doors or Windows, then tap the sensor you're replacing.
On the Device Settings screen, make a note of the sensor's name and configuration (e.g., Front Door, Entry/Exit, etc.).
Return to the Home screen.
Swipe up to open the Dashboard (if applicable).
Tap the gear icon then tap Devices.
Enter 4321 instead of your Master Keypad Code.
Enter the Technician Code and tap Done.
​Contact us by chat or phone to receive the Technician Code. We'll verify your identity as a security measure.
On the Categories screen, tap Sensors & Zones.
On the Sensors & Zones screen, tap Delete Sensor.
Enter the Premise Passphrase and tap Done.
Tap the sensor you want to delete, then tap Yes to confirm. 

You can check out this page here those steps:



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