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clear tamper error

how do I clear the sensor tamper error?

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Thank you for connecting with us here in our community, @user_nt46zc. Sorry to hear about the trouble with the sensor for your Xfinity Home service. We are happy to help. Please let me know if this helps.


When your touchscreen or mobile app displays a comm failure alert for a door/window or motion sensor even after you replaced the batteries, it may indicate that the sensor has stopped working properly and requires troubleshooting.


Did you know? If you just replaced the batteries, the most common reason a sensor stops working is when the tamper switch is accidentally touched while changing batteries.

  1. Find the LED light on your sensor.
    • Door/window: The light is located on the large part of your sensor; the part usually attached to the door or window frame. Find your sensor below.
    • Motion: The light is located on the circuit board or near the batteries. Find your sensor below.
  2. Activate the sensor
    • Open the door or window.
    • Motion sensors activate when the cover is removed.
  3. If the light blinks three times, pauses, then continues blinking in the same pattern, the sensor is not working correctly and will need to be serviced.
  4. If the LED does not light, you may need to remove and reinsert or replace the batteries.
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