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Chime box keeps ringing

Xfinity video doorbell works okay with our existing chime box but after a few weeks it  keeps ringing at 2am. No one was messing with us I have another camera showing the door and theres nobody there. Disconnected and reconnected it in the following day, worked okay but after a  few days it keeps ringing again. What could be wrong?

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2 months ago

user_0oro31Did you (or the technician) install the Chime Adapter that came with the Doorbell ?  It's a small, white device with the Xfinity logo on it that installs inside or right next to your chime.  Instructions if needed are posted here: https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/install-video-doorbell


If you did and it's still not working, The Video Doorbell requires a transformer that operates between 16-24 volts (VAC).  Double check the specs on your transformer. If needed, a multimeter could be used by you or an electrician to measure actual voltage.  This is also something our technician can come out and check if you have us come out to assist.


I hope that helps!



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2 months ago

I have the same exact problem with my Ring doorbell and I do have a 16-24 V transformer installed. My Ring worked for two years before this started. I’ve come to the conclusion that a wire is corroded and it shorts in cold or wet weather that doesn’t set off the Ring doorbell.  The indoor chime box rings at 1 or 2 am. 



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1 month ago

Our video doorbell was installed 2 months ago and we are having the same problem. I read Lkpolo’s comment below and thought that maybe it cold wet weather is causing it to go “haywire”, so I put my sons mitten over the equipment outside, till the tech came out. The bell was ringing non stop and we couldn’t live like that. The bell stopped ringing and never rang again with the mitten covering it. Maybe the equipment isn’t insulated enough? I live in a new construction and my neighbors all have video doorbells but not with xfinity. They have blinks and rings. I hope the tech can figure it out!

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@user_14cad1 Hello, are you still having issues with your doorbell?

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