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Thu, Sep 30, 2021 4:20 AM

Cancelling Home Plan, Own Equipment

I am a bit confused on what happens if I cancel the security plan but I already paid off all of the equipment. Am I correct in thinking that my door sensors will still ding and the alarm will still go off and I will still be able to see the camera from my phone, it just won't alert the police ?


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ambalestra -

First, I hope you decide to stick with us for professional monitoring services. Let us know if there is anything we can do that might make your Xfinity Home experience better!

Many customers who have had Xfinity Home for several years or more lease their Touchscreen. If this is the case, the Touchscreen needs to be returned upon disconnection of service.  If you're not sure, check your billing statement and look for "Rented" or "Leased" Touchscreen in the the Xfinity Home section. Since this is the device that communicates to all of your sensors (door/window, smoke detectors, etc), this would mean that these devices would become deactivated should the touchscreen need to be returned.

If you started Xfinity Home service more recently and own your Touchscreen, you are correct that it will continue to chime and alert locally, but will not contact the central monitoring station for any reason.  You would also lose access to the Xfinity Home App for monitoring alarm and other activity while you are away.  If you have newer xCam2 cameras and a leased Xfinity Gateway, you could re-pair your cameras and view them in the Xfinity App.  Other devices may also need to be re-paired about 30 days after disconnection so they could still be controlled locally using the Touchscreen and/or the Xfinity App (such as Works With Xfinity devices like locks, thermostats, and lighting controllers).


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