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Tuesday, April 11th, 2023 12:06 AM


Camera upgrades

I am wondering if xfinity will update or come out with a new camera. I have had the 2nd generation cameras since they came out and they are very outdated compared to arlo cameras. Arlo now offers an alarm system and monitoring so I am thinking hard of changing companies.

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11 months ago

Hi there @Aceq2jot Thanks for your question about the cameras. Our latest list of available cameras is available here :  so you can identify if you have the latest model. At this time there's no information regarding upcoming upgrades but the latest model would be posted there. 



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@XfinityShan​   I have a new Schc2AEW Xfinity camera and I need the "y-cable" to pair it to the touchscreen thru the wnr1000 router.  Been on the phone for hours with Support and they say it does not exist.  Directions on your website say to...

  1. Connect the Y-cable to the XW3 unit (WiFi/power adapter) and the yellow cable to your gateway device (port 2 on XB6 Gateways, port 4 on XB3 gateways) or the WNR 1000 security router (all ports are active).
  2. Plug the Ethernet cable attached to the camera into the CAMERA port of the Y-cable.

      I need the Y-cable!   I should not have to pay for a tech to come out.  I have pain hundreds of dollars every month for 22 years and I feel like I am getting completely beat on this issue.   Any ideas?

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Hello, and thank you for reaching out to us regarding your camera cable concerns. I would like to look into this further with you to see what options are available. Please send us a Direct Message with your first and last name. The message icon is located at the top right of the Community Forum page, clicking on the message icon will allow you to initiate a chat conversation with us directly. Please ensure you are sending your message to our 'Xfinity Support' handle. 

I no longer work for Comcast.

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