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Wed, Nov 27, 2019 11:00 AM

Camera Recordings

Just curious as to when we could get a few improvements made to the Xfinity Home App. There are a couple of flaws in the security camera side of things. For one, you can't get a push notification when motion is detected. 2. When it does bookmark motion events, on the app it generally misses most of what started the motion, it needs to back up 5 seconds like every other security system on the market. 3. Pictures of motion events are almost always worthless as it generally misses most of the motion also. 4. In the home app, you have the ability to play video after a motion bookmark, buy no way to go backwards and get video before the bookmark. Now, you can achieve that on the subscriber portal on the website, but it needs to be added to the app.

This equipment is expensive and you pay a good monthly price for it, so it should work in a more functional way for your users.

I would love for someone from Comcast to respond to these issues to let us know when some of these things could possibly be addressed.

Thank you

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