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Sun, Nov 24, 2019 9:00 AM

Camera audio uses in-call volume? Why?

Recently Xfinity came out with the option to turn on audio recording through supported cameras. However, on Android devcices, when watching the live feed, it uses the in-call volume, instead of media volume. This poses problems. 


Audio cannot be muted. If I want to watch the live feed with no audio, I cannot just turn my device's volume down to zero. I have an S8 and it stops reducing the in-call volume at about 10%. As there may be other people around you, they could potentially hear private conversations since the audio cannot be muted.


If you have 24/7 recoding and want to view a prior recording, you have to go to the live feed first, which means you (and people around you) are forced to hear what's going on at the camera. 


As it uses in call volume, it also makes me have to fight the volume slider between actually talking on a phone call and viewing the live camera. Previously I could just set the in call volume in one place and leave it there and the only slider I actually did anything with was media.


Viewing past recorded videos correctly uses media volume.


Why does live viewing use in call volume? Is there an actual reason for this? Seems like the sole purpose is to just annoy the customer and the people around them when they could use the already existing media volume.

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1 y ago

Yes, this is apparently an Android only thing, or at least that's what this FAQ leads me to believe.


There's no sound in my video.

Are you using an Android device? Androids have separate video controls for In Call and Media. Live audio volume is controlled by the In Call setting and 24/7 Video Recording audio is controlled by the Media setting.

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