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Tue, Feb 18, 2020 12:00 PM

Alarm is too quiet

Does anyone else have issues with the alarm on the keypad being too quiet?  Our alarm went off at 3:15am but no one in our 2000 sq ft home heard it.  I did a test the next day and it is so quiet that it does not go through a closed door.  Any thoughts?


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1 y ago

We’re having the same problem. A tech came out to look at it and said there wasn’t anything he could do and he had other service calls with the same problem he couldn’t fix. It’s great that we have an alarm system that won’t alert us if someone is entering our house!



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1 y ago

if you have one of those very big houses it may be hard hear the alarm in like in apt or town house are more samll i live in a apt and have xfinity home never have no issue if u live an very very  big house ADT alarm system may be better they alarm more loud  like airn horn i think xfinity home made for apt and townhomes not for very very big house i think i may be worng 

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