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Wed, Apr 8, 2020 12:00 PM

add sensors

I bought 2 window sensors and a door sensor to add to our system. I find no way to add them. I have to have the premises passphrase, whatever that is. It says it's available on the management portal when viewing this account, but I do not see any such thing. I also saw a post that said a tech has to install them.

1. I don't want someone coming in the house to do this!

2. I can do it myself just fine. I have built a TV, built every desktop I've had, repaired many laptops, et.

3. If I have to have a tech do it, that means I will have to wait until this virus situation is cleared up. That can involve what could be too much time. In the meantime, if someone does break in and injures or kills one of us, how do we answer authorities when asked why the garage windows were not secure? My only answer would have to be that I have the sensors but was not allowed to add them by comcast. ??? The media would love that!

4. If nothing does go wrong in the next few weeks, and I am not allowed to add my own sensors, how much would I be expected to have to pay a tech? I am 84, have no income at all and my wife is 82.


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1 y ago

Hello, I've gone through this, you just need to call customer service. They can access your account and give you the premise passphrase. I've went through this a few weeks ago and they gave me an eight digit number that they said would last twenty-four hours. Once you're in that menu you can add the sensor.




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1 y ago

I did as you suggesed, but with Live Chat and got the answer I was looking for. Thankfully, no one has to come here to do this. I can do it myself. However, it's only a 12 hour window now instead of 24 hours to get it done. And it's a 6 number code.


Thank you so much! I surely appreciate your help!





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Hello when is my appointment?

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Hello @user_fdc6a8 I know how important it is to find out when your appointment is. Since this is an unrelated and old thread, I do ask that you please create a new thread so we can assist you there! :)

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