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Wed, Sep 9, 2020 10:00 PM

You can afford to honor your word

We have been attempting to get Comcast internet service at our home since March of 2020. We had contacted Comcast prior to the purchase of the home and were assured multiple times that the address was serviceable for the standard $70 installation fee. When the technician came out to install service, we were informed that cable would have to be run from the cable node at the top of our driveway to the house. The technician informed us that he would submit a work order for this and that someone would get back with us. After several weeks, we had not heard from Comcast. Therefore, we reached out to them again. We were informed that another technician would need to come out and perform the install. We were unable to convince the customer service representative that this process had already been performed and that we were informed by the last technician that we would need to have a line run to the house. The next technician came out and again stated that a new cable would need to be run to the house and that he would submit a work order. We were informed that our original work order had been closed as completed, which, according to Comcast customer service representatives, is what happens when a work order is transferred to the construction department. During the months (we are in month 6 now) of attempting to resolve this issue and make the proper contacts to do so, we were provided several excuses for why the process was taking so long. These excuses included the COVID-19 pandemic and waiting on construction permits from the Pierce County. I can understand some delay due to the pandemic, as we initiated the process around the time that everyone was trying to grasp the concept of a pandemic and develop protocols to address safety in strange times. However, I contacted the county permitting office, who informed me that a permit was not required since the road that the cable would need to cross is private. Based on this information, in addition to the fact that Comcast crews were working during this time, I feel that the purpose of these excuses was to stave off our inquiries in hopes that we would drop the matter. It is next to impossible to speak to anyone in the construction department, however, after MONTHS of attempting to speak with someone in the construction department, we were finally able to reach someone who could provide information. We were then provided a quote for what the cost to run a new line to the house would be…$13,000! This is a far cry from the $70 installation fee that we were quoted initially PRIOR to our purchasing the property. According to Comcast, they would be able to run the cable to the house if the length of the run was under 300 feet, however, since the run is 340 feet, they would need to perform a “forced relocation”. That is $325 per foot! After addressing the issue with various levels of management, the matter was eventually escalated to a member of the executive team at Comcast. We spoke to the executive team member on August 30, 2020. This comcast representative stated that the address would not pull up on the service map, however, after providing her the correct address, she remarked that the address is, indeed serviceable. This executive team member was provided all information regarding the matter, including the quote from the third party contractor for $13,000, as well as snapshots of original conversations with a customer service representative stating that the address is serviceable and the install would cost $70. She was also informed that the property was purchased based on this information, as both my wife and I need to be able to work from home and the available DSL speeds are not conducive to doing so. This executive team member said she would follow up with us. We had not heard from her by September 4, 2020, so we reached out to her via email and this time, she stated that the address IS NOT serviceable. She went on to say that the only way to obtain service at our address was to pay the exorbitant amount for a “forced relocation” of the cable line. I feel quite strongly that Comcast should honor the original quote of $70, a quote which we have in writing. We have been Comcast customers at various residences across the country for the past fifteen years and utilize Comcast business services. The refusal of Comcast to live up to their word in this matter has been extremely frustrating for my family and has taken a toll on my business. @ComcastAl 


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