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Tue, Aug 18, 2020 5:00 AM

xre 10007 code

I keep getting error code XRE10007 sorry that didn't go as planned and try again try again and it keeps come up same error and then it says that it's just restarting all a restart all boxes and I have one operational Box and 1 non operational Box which I think is the DVR and I tell to restart all ,I still get error code. I am not a fan of Comcast they have damaged outside the house a couple of times they the wires have been ripped out the house even though I'm telling them they're installing it to low, basically they know everything. I am just an id×%$ home owner. the last time they were out they charge me $70 to replace the gateway/modem and what they replaced it with was a gateway that is not even capable of running the 1GB speed that I pay extra for. so I'm not a fan of them coming out. about week ago the Box in the living Room which is the big Box ,I think it's the DVR it went out. I could not get ahold of a person as usual and was stuck again chatting with a bot that is completely waste. I asked the bot To mail me a new Box, it never did. On the few occasions I can get a person I literally beg them to buy my house for $75000 so I can move out independence away from Comcast monopoly. So what can I do as a lowly homeowner to fix the error myself? I'm plugging them does not work. I'm paying them over $200 a month for services that I hope I get, But never do. boxes out, slow Internet. Wifi speed is a 150 to 200 laptop speeds are about 400MB they should be 1GB. I avoid all contact. they have even sent my personal E mails to other people that are not on the account home address phone number ect. when I confronted the city the sheriff's department and the local police department and Comcast nobody would do anything Help a citizen, they're too busy protecting corporate America, As a 100% disabled combat veteran of the United States Army Military Police Corps, I don't leave the house much. what people are experiencing with covid is what I've experienced 365/7 for 12 years, I'm sure you can understand how important the Internet and TV services are for me, it's really my only gateway to the outside world. So since nobody at Comcast will buy my home, what can I do as a homeowner on my own to fix this problem, Any help would be greatly appreciated. And remember, incoming has the right away.


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