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Xfinity refuses to service a whole street they have claimed to service for the past 5 years

So, here's the deal. Xfinity has been claiming they provide service to our street for the past five years, but recent events have proven otherwise. Despite their website saying we're good to go, when a technician came out, they found out none of us can actually get service.

To top it off, they want to charge each household a whopping $48,000 for installation. That's insane, especially since they've been saying they serve us and probably got some perks from the FCC based on those claims.

This whole situation is not just a headache for us but could seriously mislead potential buyers too. We're looking into filing a complaint with the FCC and maybe even getting some legal advice to sort this mess out.

Xfinity needs to own up to their mistake and fix it, ASAP. I know most of the xfinity reps are powerless but if i could get into contact with someone at comcast who has authority that would be greatly appreciated.

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1 month ago

Thank you for reaching out to our team here @Sectonix. I will be more than happy to check on that situation for you from here. Could you send us a direct message with the complete address for where that service would be? 

To send a direct message [private message]:

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1 month ago

Update: Comcast made a mistake and they admitted it but they want us costumers to pay for it which is no way to treat them, its shameful but there a billion dollar company that has no care about there costumers so what do you do

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