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Wed, Jan 20, 2021 6:00 PM

Xfinity On Demand Coupon not working



I received a coupon in the mail that says "Enjoy a movie night on us: Take $5.99 off your next Xfinity On Demand movie rental or purchase OR simply use it as a credit towards your Xfinity bill."  It says to redeem, visit my.xfinity.com/coupon, login and follow the easy on-screen steps to activate your coupon.  I went to the website and logged in.  There is no coupon there to activate.  The only thing it says is Need to Enter a Coupon Code?  I didn't receive a 16-digit coupon code to enter.  The coupon I received says it expires on 2/15/21, so it hasn't expired yet.  How do I redeem my coupon?  Please help!



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8 m ago

Hi @tamtam33! Thanks for posing to the Xfinity Forum to get help with applying the redeeming your Xfinity Coupon. Sorry you weren't able to successfully get this done using the website. I hope you don't mind. I used the Comast email address that you have registered with the forum to send you a document that will be beneficial in the future when redeeming these coupons. I also wanted to provide it here, Use the Xfinity My Account App on Your X1 or streaming device. Please let me know if this helps. 


View and Activate Xfinity Coupons

If you have active coupons, you can view and activate your Xfinity Coupons from the Xfinity My Account app on X1.
Note: If you do not have active coupons, you won’t see this.

To activate a coupon:

  1. Select Xfinity Coupon.
    X1 My Account Xfinity Coupon option
  2. You’ll see your available coupons.
    List of available Xfinity Coupons
  3. Select Activate Now.
    Xfinity Coupon with the option to Activate Now
  4. Select Apply to Purchase or Apply to Bill.
    Xfinity Coupon option screen with options to Apply to Purchase, Apply to Bill and Dismiss
  5. You'll see a confirmation message.
    Activation message for Xfinity Coupon

    Xfinity Coupon Billing info screen

If you have issues activating or launching Xfinity Coupons, please try again or visit https://comca.st/3rhhtVD, or Register and Check Balance on an Xfinity Coupon


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