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Wed, Sep 30, 2020 1:00 PM

Xfinity Account/Location Hold Experience after 3.5 months

Hello. My goal of submitting this post is to prevent other people from experiencing what I have experienced. I have had the worst experience of my life with Comcast Xfinity. I know is not fault of all of us but this experience has given me anxiety, stress, and depression. I am not sure what category to post this but here it is. 


It all started 3.5 months ago when I decided to get Comcast Xfinity for myself, I called Xfinity and they told me I had an account already with a high balance and I was like “no that can’t be possible because I am a new customer.” Well, Comcast suggested for me to do a police report.

After filing the police report and doing the fraud claim, I was able to get prepaid service while the Comcast Xfinity fraud department was revising my case. On 09/13/20 I got a call from the fraud department and a voice message saying my case has been solved and my name clear that I was good to go.


After filing the police report and doing the fraud claim, I was able to get prepaid service while the Comcast Xfinity fraud department was revising my case, this costs me $100 for the modem plus $50 of the service. On 09/13/20 I got a call from the fraud department and a voice message saying my case has been solved and my name clear that I was good to go. So, I call Xfinity and try to get residential service and they helped me get an account and mail me the new modem, this costs me an additional $50 for the modem. So, when I got the new modem, I called to activate service I could not start until I returned my prepaid modem. So, I work from home so it’s very complicated for me to lose a few hours because no one will pay my paycheck if I clock out or I don’t have internet.


So I did it, I returned my prepaid service, that was a Friday and then I called again, after an hour on the phone I was finally able to get a hold of someone and activate my service.

I woke up Monday morning and I was so surprised that my internet wasn’t working at all. And I had to clock in and work, I told my supervisor to give me an hour to solve the issue. Well, it turns out they had placed a hold on my account and my location due to the fraud claim that I did but the fraud department told me I was good to go, this gave me anxiety because why would they make me send the prepaid service if they were going to place a hold on my account/location 3 days later after opening the account and receiving the new modem?


And this is where my nightmare with Comcast and Xfinity got worst that I’ve had so much depression and anxiety over this and I have cried several times because I work from home and I’ve lost many days of my paycheck and also I am an online Ph.D. student and haven’t been able to watch my new tutorials or register for classes.


So, I called Xfinity and they told me there was a hold on my account to call the customer assurance department, which I did. The assurance department told me I was good to go to just go to the store in person and show my ID and utility bill and I should be able to restore service. I went to the store I had to ask for permission from work after already lost hours that day. When I went to the store, they told me that the could not help me because there was a hold on my account and location. And I showed them the letter from the assurance department saying that the fraud claim has even solved and my name has been cleared but the sales rep was nice there was just nothing he could do even after showing him that letter and he was chatting and emailing higher up people they seem not to be able to unlock my account/location.


So, the sales rep sent me back to the assurance department, I called them again the next day and the next day and the next day and the next day. It was now Friday and I had no internet I was having anxiety and depression because I work from home and I was losing my hours.

The assurance department people were nice it was just they kept telling me I was good they did not know why they couldn’t help me at the store.


Well, the second week is coming up now of not having internet and losing my hours and having anxiety and depression over this. Monday, I called and now the assurance department told me that I just needed to call the modification department and the customer care department to get service. I called these departments and they tell me that I only qualify for prepaid that there is a note on my account that I am only eligible for prepaid. After 3.5 months and all I’ve been thru and all the money I have spent on this issue and the several hours I’ve spent calling Comcast and it takes like 20 minutes every time to get a hold of someone and the computer keeps sending me to the wrong department, and they are going to tell me I am only eligible for prepaid? This added more anxiety and depression to the situation, and I cried that Monday all day I gave up I did not have more strength to deal with this anymore.


The next day, I woke up and I said “I’ve lost 1.5 weeks now of losing hours of my paycheck, if I continue I will be completely broke and won’t even have money for my food and my dogs food.” So, I decided to give it another try and call the assurance department again. A very sweet lady said “I am sorry sir I am not sure why they are refusing you service, because on our end you are good to go.” She suggested to call the legal response team and gave me a number to call. So I called that number and someone name Thomas was so rude to me yelling that they only had me lawsuits and stuff but I was just doing what the assurance department kept telling me to do, so Thomas hung up on me several times and all I needed was help.


So, I was so depressed at that moment that I didn’t know what else to do. I called the assurance department again and told them that the legal team didn’t even care about my issue. So, the guy very nice guy on Tuesday 09/30/20 said that he was going to check with a higher-up rep and technician to see what the problem was. After being on hold for 1.5 hrs he was able to get a higher up tech to unlock my account/location.


I went to the store, so scared that this could not yet be solved. I was not even on my right mind. Thank God, the rep told me the addresses now unlock.


All the departments, Customer care, collections, billing, assurance and the legal team and the store did not see the same on their end, they had a big discrepancy between their notes and their response that caused me to wait 3.5 months for this issue to be resolved.


I have suffered anxiety and depression over this, I have cried over and over after losing so many hours from my paycheck and so many hours but so many hours that I have counted 69 hours in the phone with the sales rep and/or the computer trying to get a hold of someone and trying to solve my issue that I am exhausted not only mentally but also economically.


I hope that now I can move on and use my internet with no problems. I am submitting this story in hopes that no one can suffer what I suffered and that COMCAST Xfinity can solve that communication issue between departments so that when Customer Assurance has solved an issue, the other departments can also see such resolution and not put the customer thru so much stress, anxiety and depression.


Thanks, Hugo Moran Chavez


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10 m ago

Hi there, hugomoranchavez. Thank you for sharing the details of your experience. I am so sorry to hear about this experience. We extend our deepest apologies and will absolutely pass along this feedback. If there is anything you may need from us at this time, please don't hesitate to ask. 

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