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Sat, Feb 20, 2021 7:00 AM

xFi Pods Home WiFi Evaluation

I installed xFi yesterday. The literature said I would receive a free home evaluation to see if I need the one free xFi Pod to extend my WiFi network. I believe I do need one. When does this evaluation happen?  How can I get the free xFi Pod sent to me?  Thanks.


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5 m ago

Thank you for the great question, and thank you for ordering our xFi complete. Within a day of activating your Gateway device, or adding on the xFi complete with your Gateway, you will receive an email about the Whole Home WiFi evaluation.

The Whole Home WiFi evaluation takes place for a 14 day period. After which, you will receive additional emails with information about your xFi network performance. Those may include recommendations to further optimize your networks. One of those emails will also provide the results of the Whole Home WiFi evaluation and whether or not ax xFi pod is recommended. 



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4 m ago

I got my upgrade confirmation on the day I upgraded my service, however, I have not received any further communications.  It has been over a month.  I called and got through to a support specialist 2 weeks after my upgrade and she said to wait 14 full business days.  That has long since passed and still, I have no communications.  What should I do?

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