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Thu, Sep 15, 2022 8:45 PM

XB8 Eligibility

Hi. I am wondering what the criteria are for eligibility for the new XB8 gateway. I am interested in upgrading to the XB8 as I believe my home WiFi network could benefit from its improved capabilities. But I don't know how one can go about upgrading to this latest gateway.



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9 d ago

The XB8 is only available in a very few select markets at this time.  If you do not live in one of those markets, you will not receive an XB8, even if you reach someone at xfinity and they *PROMISE* you they will send one.  The distribution centers and warehouses that ship them are under strict orders to *NEVER* ship an XB8 unless it is to the white listed zip codes.  Even if the rep you talk to finds a way to force and XB8 order for your location, it will be substituted with an XB7 at the warehouse/distro center. 

The supplier has been on record multiple times stating they will not increase production of units for xfinity due to other contractual constraints, and that it is expected to continue until 2024. 
All of that being said, the overwhelming consensus among those that have received them is that they are not what they are advertised to be.

You can get all of the features, and more, and all of the speed, and more, of the XB8 by buying your own hardware.  This will also have other benefits; you will not have the recurring monthly lease fee for the hardware.  Another tip; if you see 'free modem' advertised, it simply means the monthly lease fee in included in the price and is not a separate line item, so it is not 'free'.  By buying your own hardware, you will have a level of control of your home network that you will never have with ISP provided hardware.  You will also not have the hotspot and guest networks which cannot be turned off permanently. 

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3 d ago

Thank you. That's very helpful and good to know. I appreciate your taking the time to provide such a detailed reply.

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